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Mountain air has no other synonym that can encapsulate it…it’s just that. Mountain air: crisp and vagrant and full of life, even when the maui blue sky seems to hold its breath.

At least that’s how I felt climbing the Alpine mountains in the quiet town that almost kissed the sky. The small, countryside village with few residents and many cows makes you feel both numb and exhilarated. Even in summer, when the layers of snow melt off and spring crocus flowers crack open beneath blue skies, there’s something refreshing about the landscape.

“Come on,” my cousin said showing me…

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Many people don’t see the link between language and climate change. But for researchers, promoting linguistic diversity may be the key to preserving wildlife and promote eco-genetic variety.


At first glance, it may seem that language has little to do with nature and the environment. But linguists have long been interested in “eco-linguistics” or rather the kind of language we use to frame environmental issues.

According to linguist Michael Halliday, English grammar implies that humans are special beings, quite apart from the natural world. We use special pronouns for people, but a dehumanising “it” for everything else, whether it…

J’aime toujours regarder un bon dessin animé quand je veux apprendre une langue.

Bien sûr, vous pouvez évidemment pratiquer l’apprentissage des langues en regardant des films de type live-action (que j’aime aussi), ou des vlogs sur YouTube, mais si vous êtes un enfant au coeur, il n’y a rien de tel que des dessins animés pour étudier les langues étrangers.

Mais Pourquoi?

Pour apprendre une langue étrangère, voir des bandes dessinées est une alternative qui s’avère très intéressante. Principal avantage de les DA, le plus évident de tous : la possibilité de s’appuyer sur le dessin pour faciliter la compréhension de l’histoire…

Mickey Can Help You Learn a Language

I don’t know about you, but I still love to watch a good cartoon.

Sure, you can obviously practice language learning by watching films of the live-action variety (which I also love), or vlogs on YouTube, but if you’re a kid at heart, there’s nothing quite like cartoons to get you your much-needed listening practice.

Okay. But Why Cartoons?

First, cartoons tend to use simpler language than other authentic language resources, so they are ideal for beginners. …

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Note: this is the french version of this article. This is not a transliteration

Forte sensibilité aux bruits, à l’environnement et aux émotions : l’hypersensibilité toucherait 15-20% de la population mondiale. Si vous vous sentez different de les autres, et vous vous ressentez des émotions plus intensément, il y a une forte chance que vous soyez hypersensible.

C’est Quoi La Hypersensibilité?

L’hypersensibilité est un concept récent datant des années 1990, commencé par psychologue américaine, Elaine Aron. …

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The first time I heard I was an HSP (Highly Sensitive Person) was at therapy.

The school therapist was doing rounds, checking up everyone at school, and had informed me it was my turn to sit in one of her bright yellow beanbags and talk.

“From what I’ve seen from you since day one, it’s clear you’re a highly sensitive person,”

It didn’t feel surprising hearing what she said. …

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The top UK spots for you and your pup to catch some rays

Rexy! Creds to author

Summer is for enjoying good weather in the company of friends, more friends and your furry pal. We all love the beach, but not the way a dog does. Watch how dogs canter over the sand, splash in the sea and attempt to bite ocean waves. No wonder we love to take our dogs on holiday.

The UK is full of dog-friendly coastlines. And regardless of your tastes (wild coasts vs soft powdered sand, remote islands or a romantic style getaway), there’s a dog-friendly beach that’s right for you and your fluffy friend.


Whether you’re an…

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A Dog Lover’s Guide to Europe’s Westernmost Country

Sun’s out, tongue’s out! Rexy in Portugal. creds to author

It’s been around two years since I’ve visited Portugal with Rexy, and I can’t wait to go back. I mean, there’s food, sun, more food plus doggo! We always go around the summer, making it an ideal time to hit the beach. And since Portugal has now changed its laws to allow dogs inside restaurants and cafes, it’s about time you book a plane for you and your furry pal!

Pre-travel Arrangements

Pets brought to Portugal must have:

  • a microchip implanted linking to a pet passport.
  • valid rabies vaccine
  • tapeworm treatment


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Stream of consciousness is an exercise that involves you getting a notebook, a pen and just writing. No worries about literary devices, grammar, punctuation or how terrifying your handwriting looks.

The idea behind it is that you write in a state of flow.

I first found out about streams of consciousness via Lavendaire. And let me tell you, it is life-altering.


Streams of consciousness originated from William James in 1890 as a principle of psychology. As James himself said

We have …fields of consciousness, — that is the first general fact, and the second general fact…

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The UK is packed with vibrant towns. And now, they are welcoming your four legged pal

Rexy on a Trip Around Bristol. Creds to author

The UK is a beautiful mix of vibrant towns and quaint historic quarters.

And as a dog-lover nation, Britain’s cafes, restaurants and shops are becoming more and more dog friendly. Here at Creatures, we sniffed out five cities that are more than happy to welcome your four-legged friend.

1. Bristol

Bristol prides itself in being one of most dog-friendly cities in the UK.

You can find beautiful walks in Ashton Court Estate, Castle Park and Queen Square. …

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